gfmam 2012 Sep
The Global Forum on Maintenance and Asset Management (GFMAM) held its seventh face-to-face meeting from 9-14 September 2012 in conjunction with Abraman (Brazilian Society for Maintenance and Asset Management) 27th Congress in Rio de Janeiro.
Members of GFMAM Council and ABRAMAN Board, Sep 2012
During the meeting, new articles of association were reviewed and ratified. It is worth noting that the new articles will help GFMAM grow, which will have a greater impact on maintenance and asset management worldwide community. Accordingly, a new Executive Committee was elected to serve for the next twelve months. The Executive Committee members are: John Hardwick, Asset Management Council (Chairman), Nezar Shammasi, GSMP (Vice Chairman),Tim Goshert, SMRP (Treasurer), Alan Tait, SAAMA (Secretary), Alex Stuber, EFNMS (Member), Joao Lafraia, Abraman (Member). The financial statement was also presented and accepted by the Council. This was followed by the GFMAM current projects review and update. The 2012 – 2016 Strategic Plan was then thoroughly reviewed and revised to reflect GFMAM future direction. The 2012 – 2016 Strategic Plan is available at

Project Updates

Asset Management Landscape
The Landscape has been well received, and been presented at a number of member conferences. A video presentation of the Landscape will be made available on the website by end of 2012. At the Global Forum in Greensboro, in 2011, it was agreed that the Landscape would be reviewed over a 2 year period, with input from the Accord and Certification Project Teams who are using the Landscape to compare various courses and certification schemes. A new project has been proposed, and a number of ways forward have been explored. The project plan is currently being completed. Input is being sought from all members of the Global Forum.
Scope of Maintenance and Asset Management
The project team reviewed the content of the EFNMS Maintenance Concept and agreed that it provided a comprehensive view of maintenance, from all perspectives. The team determined that descriptions of the content, similar to the contextual descriptions of the 39 Elements of Asset Management, are required. The team have committed to taking the Maintenance Concept content and develop contextual descriptions. Prior to doing so, the content of the EFNMS Maintenance Concept will be circulated to all member associations to determine if existing material is available. Development of the contextual descriptions for the Maintenance Concept will ensue and be finished by year end.
The project members arrived in Rio de Janiero having taken a first pass at mapping their Certification scheme's competency statements against the Asset Management Landscape's 39 subjects. To begin to learn from the results we focussed on reviewing together one subject, Maintenance Delivery. The team found that the mapping process was fairly straight-forward though we each felt our work needed peer-review and a development of mutual understanding of how the competency statements fit against the 39 subjects. We also found that the resulting discussion was instructive. The team have committed to reviewing our collected 'mapping' work on 4 more of the 39 subjects in hopes of developing a process and to clarify the time commitment to complete all 39 subjects.
The Accord, which aims to offer a standardised and transparent process for estimating equivalency among different types and levels of asset management qualifications, has commenced trials in both Australia and UK. Trials will be expanded to Brazil and other countries in the near future. Discussions on the equivalency process and on business case will be continuing through the remainder of 2012.
Association Growth
The project team has focused on two elements, a first draft marketing pack and a sales plan for the expansion into new regions. The marketing pack now contains a marketing slideshow and the proposed changes to the website, which will be actioned in the next few months. The sales plan contains the regions and the relevant people who need to approach into these regions to achieve the target of three new members by Dec 2013.
Surveys of Asset Management and Maintenance Societies
The surveys are to understand what resources are available, and how many practitioners are present in maintenance and asset management around the world. Fourteen societies from around the world have responded to the questions in the initial survey. Further responses are being sought before compilation of the results. The data from the surveys will also be used to provide gap analysis on resources available to practitioners.
The members of the Global Forum thanked ABRAMAN for their great hospitality and look forward for the next meeting in Canada.