You are welcome to participate in PEMAC's MAINTRAIN Conference - Canada

The Global Forum encourages its Members to collaborate, an example of this is the new Agreement between the SMRP and IAM.

IAM and SMRP recently signed an MoU to enhance the collaboration between their organizations and increase the benefits provided to their members.  

PEMAC and SMRP  are pleased to announce that conversations we began in December to partner on joint webinars to our combined membership have born first fruits.

They have confirmed all details of the first two events which be hosted by SMRP featuring the Asset Management journey of PEMAC member, Warren Rodgers,  and his company, Nova Scotia Power.

The fifteenth face-to-face Council meeting of the Global Forum on Maintenance and Asset Management was hosted in the Kingdom of Bahrain by the Gulf Society for Maintenance and Reliability from the 11th – 16th of December, 2016 in conjunction with their Maintcon conference. Maintcon is held every other year.